Blossom Ready

What would you do? Let winter get you ready for your personal floral outburst, knowing that it might beat you up & make you vulnerable. Or would you rather keep it all to yourself and play it safe. Knowing that it might make you miss out on all the great stuff spring have in store for you?

During our latest shoot, winter made us wonder. Do we love or hate it? Off course we love it. No other season is getting us more ready to bloom in spring, like winter. But, we are not your biggest fan. Hate might be a strong word, but you make nature look so sad and lonely. We know you are only doing it out of love to blossom. Love to multiply trough inner growth.

It’s kind off like our winter sleep, which can be the perfect time to go on ‘freeze mode’ and let things be. But what probably should be about figuring out what we love and how that affects our life. Love our own inner winter or deny and go on in easy freeze mode…. So that’s what makes us wonder.

Ps. Want to own one of these killer vintage classics? Outfits are styled with vintage items from The Style Lion and our models own wardrobe. The vintage items will be auctioned on Facebook. An overview of the selected items can be found on the website.




Credits //

Photography & styling // Jalila Sam-Sin

Model // Lisa Dekkers

Vintage  //

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